Dear Friends and colleagues,

We are particularly delighted to welcome you to Bordeaux for the second “Together VT” meeting on Nov 19-20 2021. This meeting was due a year ago, and since then expectations for in-person meetings have spiked! 

Meetings will likely evolve towards hybrid formats and this will apply to “Together VT 2021”.

The COVID situation has impacted meetings, collaborations, innovation, but we trust that our very dynamic field will restart, with enthusiasm and excitement.

The field of ventricular arrhythmias is a particularly exciting part of EP, evolving fast, over a strong and consistent background for substrate-based approaches. Underlying structural alterations are frequent, and we believe that their prevalence is likely under estimated, as demonstrated by each imaging/mapping improvement step.

Together VT aims to give an overview of the field of catheter ablation, providing access to the best scientific knowledge.

Join the best scientific faculty to discuss diagnostic issues, including imaging, histology and risk assessment, which require a joint effort as critical improvements are needed to save more patients and improve cost efficiency.

The meeting will also cover the very dynamic field of ablation, the newest strategies, technologies and energies.

With Interaction with industry being critical to the field, the program will favor discussions on current and future availabilities.

Finally, young EP doctors will actively contribute by presenting cases selected for their didactic relevance, and the meeting will largely rely on pre-recorded videos to maximize the learning experience.

The Scientific Committee